Monday, 25 October 2010

seasons in the abyss..............

Had a rad week of lettering this week (unfortunatly i havent got photos of all of it yet) this one was a challenge to draw, but i love the way its turned out. think we are going to expand with sum bold lines and shading, but really pleased with the direction its heading. really want to do some more in this kind of style......

This black and grey pin up was a lot of fun too. was nice to start and finish a piece in one hit. i have been outling A LOT recently so it was nice to do this on saturday. Mark is always a pleasure to tattoo aswell :)

Its amazing having the studio finished. i dont kno why i havent done it sooner. its an awesum space to sit and focus as well as being inspired and excited. i havent worked much with oils, and i love the work which a lot of tattoo artists are doing with this medium. Sso i thought id get stuck in and start a piece this weekend, it was a lot of fun, although iv got a long way to go before its finished.

....i also did these this week. they will be avalible to buy at the Halloween Bash Tattoo Convention this weekend in Newton Abbott, Devon.....

.....i'm doing the deul on the saturday. im up against Hazel Nichols from Design 4life. Our theme is 'Witches' and we have 6hours to complete a piece. feels great to be asked to take part in this, although i am a little nervous, but im sure it will be a lot of fun :)

Halloween's nearly here :) ............


Sunday, 17 October 2010


Finished Vic on thurstons arm on sat. it seemd like it took forever but totally worth every second.......fucking love it dude!! We Rule ;)

Heres some stuff in progress which i worked on this week.......

Me and my boyfriend are turning the spare room into an art studio space.hopefully should be complete in the next couple days.cant wait!!!


Monday, 11 October 2010

south of heaven

I got to finish this on saturday..... think it was 4 hours for the first sitting (and her first tattoo!!!) where we didnt quite get it finished. Am really pleased with how well the colours have healed and how well they work together. cant wait to work on u again a lady.

I'm really feeling the benefits of chilling out. this weekend has been fun!! definatly refreshing me and getting me ready for a busy week back at work. can't wait to see what im going to be upto.

Everything is inspiring me at the pretty snap happy.....


Thursday, 7 October 2010

..Divine Intervention..

I've been chilling out a little with work, and iv had so much fun with it over the past couple weeks. i get way too stressed and i think it was definatly effecting my work and how i was feeling about it.........relaxing and enjoying is definatly the direction i want to carry on with.

here's a piece which i havent quite finished........she was a trooper tho, and was the perfect customer......cant wait to finish it off for her.


Monday, 4 October 2010


hey guys.....

so this is my first ever blog..... its going to be a chance for you all to keep up to date and check out what im doing from week to week. im going to be posting pics of ongoing tattoo work, art in progress and general things that inspire me and get creative juices flowing :)

enjoy x