Monday, 28 May 2012

Here are some new pieces of artwork i have been doing. If you are interested in buying any of them please message me at

A3 oil, on canvas paper.

"DOOMSDAY" on skate deck.

Prisma pencils on iphone cases.


Saturday, 19 May 2012


I'm finally back online!! So here's an update of what been going on.......

Here's some of my favourite work i've finished recently.....

...this one is a cover up of a butterfly and left thing. You can see the 'before and after' pictures on my instagram account. Search for ' Toni Moore ' and add me if you haven't already. I post picture of work in progress and new art projects on there can also see al the pictures in my facebook folder here.

I did this super fun black and grey piece at the Northern Ireland Tattoo Convention. It was a great show, and we were looked after amazingly, i'll def be hitting that show again next year.

Also finished these....

I have lots of new artwork and paintings but no photos so keep checking back for my next post.

I'm going to be doing the Race For Life,  as i do every year with my friend. Its a 5K run in aid of Cancer Research, which is such an amazing charity. If you would like to sponsor me please click . Anything you can give, big or small would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have these for sale, please message me if you would like one.

This is my video choice for today.....

They are a great bunch of guys  that are destined for great things. Their first album is due to be release next month, so if you like the video go order yourself a copy!! you wont be disappointed.