Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rigorous Vengeance

I have been trying to do more regular updates but never quite seem to find the time. This month has been as busy as ever but not just at work.
But as always i'll started with my newest work that iv had most fun with....

I did this on James's leg this week, and i loved it. i love doing pin ups, and i haven't had the chance to do many in full colour but i'd really love to. Definitely one of the most fun tattoos i have done, and was super nice to do it in one session.

This was also a lot of fun. Ive been posting work in progress updates on it and i finally got to finish it a couple of weeks ago. We have now decided to do a similar style piece on her other thigh so keep checking for that!! the design was based on the artwork of John Dyer Baizley, and includes a section of one of his pieces. It's the green arm holding another hand surrounded by leaves and works so well with the pin up. You should definitely check out his work if you aren't aware of it.

It was really nice to get the main section of this piece finished. I started it over a year ago, and considering Bec doesn't really like getting tattooed, she did so well. We are going to be doing lots more in the background and completely filling the space. Her amazing porcelain skin show the colours so well.

And this piece, i last worked on over 2 years ago when i was still working at modern body art. i'm so happy i got to finish the lillys for her.

The studio had a booth at the Tattoo Jam this year....

I got to do a super kool piece on saturday. 

Fil was doing some sick tattoos on palms too. His dot work style is super different from most things you see. check out the broad street studio website to see more.....

I also did these pieces...

It was a really fun weekend and fun to hang out with the boys. It is however, going to be the last one i'm working for a while. You will still spot me at conventions but i'll be there to get tattooed and hang out.

Here some more work in progress pieces, and can't wait to work on all of them again....

I have finally got some prints made of this....

There are 6 limited prints made of this. It is a massive print measuring 21.5 inches by 29.5 inches, and are £30 each. unfortunately this photo hasn't come out too well, and they are actually printed on white paper not cream.
If you would lik one please message me on facebook or call into the shop as i have sold a couple already and only just posted it online!!

I did this the other day which was fun :)

Iv got new paintings and skate decks but you'll have to wait til next time for those as i don't have photos of them yet. But i do have a new photo of an older skull painting i did on a skate deck. Its be lackard since and is super shinny and smooth, totally love it. So hopefully will get my 2 new decks done too. 

This board is also up for sale at £150

So on top of working, painting and conventions, i've seen some amazing bands!! I took my dad to see Judas Priest, and me and jo went to Bloodstock and saw Exodus, Kreator, Motorhead, Morbid Angel, Immortal and loads other bands. Its been amazing!!!!!

And i'll leave you guys this time with a song from Exodus. They were fucking amazing and my new favourite band of 2011. enjoy x