Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New prints!!

My two new zombie prints are available to buy now in my big cartel web store....

Zombie Lady, is A4 and is £15 (plus p&p)


'He ate my heart' is A3 and £25 (plus p&p)


Sunday, 10 March 2013

He ate my heart.

New print I've been working on. Haven't done anything like this for a while and had do much fun with it. Need to Push myself to do more.

Prints will b available to buy ( hopefully by the end if the week) on my bigcartel website.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

So at the moment im not tattooing a great deal. i have decided to take a couple weeks out to way up my options and decide what my next plan of action is. In the mean time i'll keep you all posted with the art work that im doing and the dates of the guest spots and conventions i will be attending over the next year.

My new lettering sketch book is in the printers and ready to go, so it wont be long til you can get your hands on that!! i'm also working on some new prints and tshirts, so keep checking back on here for those too.

I have just been through all my recent photos of my work and finally got round to sorting them out for my portfolio here are a few.....

this areal piece was so much fun and id love to do some more in this style. hit me up if your interested in getting a badass disney piece from me.

...more disney....

..and more disney!! this is one of my favourites!!

Never done 'mirror' script before..... can you work out what it says?? pretty funny!!

Been busting it pretty hard at the gym the past 2 weeks too, which im fucking loving. if anyone knows of any rad websites or any top tips for girls weight training, id love to hear them. trying to learn as much as i can.

Aslo if you not following me on instagram, please do!! search for tonitattoos, or just toni moore and im sure you will find me. i update that more regularly and will post on here, and there what my plans are going to be regarding tattooing and getting booked in with me.

Been a while since i posted a video, so here you are. one of my favourites....