Saturday, 18 December 2010

Ghost of Christmas War

There are just a few working days left before Xmas, so here is a little update of what iv been doing this week...

...this was a lot of fun. a last minute walk in, in space of a last minute cancellation.hope i get to do more.....

...this was also a whole lot of fun and i cant wait to get her finished....

Here are a few sketches iv done recently too. Going to mish over the winter holidays and get a load of designs done for the new sketch book.

 I'm really looking forward to doing some tattoo work on my feet. iv started a cover up on my foot, and am going to try and get it finishe, so il keep you posted with pictures. And also sneak previews of some drawing for the new sketch book.

( jo bought us this for our xmas tree.hes fucking rad)



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