Sunday, 8 January 2012


Its the start of another new year and after an awesum festive break im back to work and so happy to be there.

Here's an update of some pieces i worked on before chistmas.....

I'm really enjoying doing this piece and Mel is a lovely customer too. We still have a couple more sessions to go until we are done.

This piece was also a lot of fun to start and can't wait to get her finished.

I put the finishing touches to my new flash set too. I have done four 'zombie' inspired sheets of pin ups and lettering. If you would like a set please message me through my facebook page. The sheets are £20 each or £50 for the set.

Here are some finished pieces i did at the end of last year.....

.....never tattooed a rockabilly style pin up eating chips, so loves doing this on John....

...this is an extension of the 'lady lovely locks' sleeve i did. lots of fun!!.....

And some art work i did before christmas.

It was hard to get a good pic of the skull. Did it for jo for christmas.....

..for ami..

..for hannah..

..Angel of Death Tin..

I have some exciting new things coming up too so keep checking back for new ( and more regular posts).

This is my favourite music video right now. the band 'flotsam and jetsam' are amazing so go check them out if you dont know who they are.


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