Saturday, 19 May 2012


I'm finally back online!! So here's an update of what been going on.......

Here's some of my favourite work i've finished recently.....

...this one is a cover up of a butterfly and left thing. You can see the 'before and after' pictures on my instagram account. Search for ' Toni Moore ' and add me if you haven't already. I post picture of work in progress and new art projects on there can also see al the pictures in my facebook folder here.

I did this super fun black and grey piece at the Northern Ireland Tattoo Convention. It was a great show, and we were looked after amazingly, i'll def be hitting that show again next year.

Also finished these....

I have lots of new artwork and paintings but no photos so keep checking back for my next post.

I'm going to be doing the Race For Life,  as i do every year with my friend. Its a 5K run in aid of Cancer Research, which is such an amazing charity. If you would like to sponsor me please click . Anything you can give, big or small would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have these for sale, please message me if you would like one.

This is my video choice for today.....

They are a great bunch of guys  that are destined for great things. Their first album is due to be release next month, so if you like the video go order yourself a copy!! you wont be disappointed.


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