Tuesday, 16 November 2010


So its been a busy couple of weeks. i have finished a lot of kool pieces which im pretty happy with.....

....was also really nice to do some more work to Kris's backpiece ( and also to start work on Bec :) )......

and this which im pretty excited to get finished......

Its my turn at the weekend!! im going to Immortal Ink to get my throat finished by Jason Butcher on saturday. RAD. Think i have finally settled on an artist and design for my backpiece, im pretty excited bout it. Altho now its a long hard road of lasering to get it ready. Only had 3 sessions so far and it sucks balls.....so much to go.

Got lots of other excting things ahead too........ municiple waste, camden shopping, new colaboration sketch book (watch this space), hatebreed, new paintings and artwork......and new member of the family :)


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