Monday, 1 November 2010

.shedding skin.

Halloween was awesum!!! i had heaps of fun working away with the boys at the convention and getting dressed up. Unfortunatly i didnt win the ' Face Off' but i was happy with my piece. Like a douche bag tho, with all the excitement of judging and magazine photos i forgot to get my own photo of my piece, but hopfully be able to get one soon. Heres some other pics from the weekend...........

Me and Jo aslo went to a little exhibition in Bath. Luckily we got there on the last day and managed to get these rad photos....

We've got Billy Hay working in the studio this week. Going to be a lot of fun. Really looking forward to watching him work and getting my fingers tattooed.

Want to do lots of art work this week............ i have a feeling its going to involove lots of skulls :)


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