Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Crack of Doom

Time for a new post!!

 I don't know where my days are going at the moment, i swear they are getting shorter ;) are a few updates on pieces i have been working on in the past few weeks....

This is a collaboration piece i have been working on with Marcos (attwood). He has steamed through his half of the face in about 3 sessions!! So it just down to me to finish mine. We will then be filling in the background and carrying it on around Jims ribs and stomach. exciting :)

There is also a lot of work to go on this sleeve but so far has been so much fun. Its a sleeve made up of the most random pieces, including a lady face, inline skate and a tiny white rabbit!! The panda is my favourite tattoo i have done so far. I haven't really tattooed many animals before and i would definitely like to do more.....

This Junko Mizuno mermaid is a finished section of a full sleeve of all of his work.Super fun!!

I tried something a little different than i would normally do with these 2 flowers and really pleased with how they came out. I love tattooing flowers, you can always experiment and make them look  completely different. perfect subject matter for a tattoo.

I havent been doing as much art work as i would like recently, but here are a few things i have been playing around with.

This was playing around with pelican ink and a brush. Was fun and got a bigger, more detailed piece on the go...

....can't believe i had never drawn a tiger, so here's what i did.....

.....i actually did this a while ago, but still makes me giggle....AssSphincter says wat??

....and this is a comission piece iv finished.

Jo finished his degree a couple weeks ago, and his end of year show was amazing. I'm so proud of him, he's an amazingly talented artist and you guys should def keep your eyes open for him in the future. These are a couple pics from the show...

... you can see more of his work here.

This was in a different section of the uni, and i liked his ears...

You should also check out the art work of Tash Pollendine , who did this print. She is an up and coming tattoo artist who works in Cardiff and so far shes rocking!

So it's my turn to get tattooed in a little under 2 weeks. Getting my backpiece started by Matt Difa and im sooooooooo excited about it. With Sonisphere just after, so my July is going to be rad a f**ck!!

I will also be taking part in the Race For Life which is a fundraising event for Caner Research. Me and a friend took part last year. Its a great way for everyone to get involved and to raise money for an amazing charity. If you would like to sponser me to do the 5k run please click on the link below and give what you can, even if its real small amount. every little bit will help!!

And to finish...... i'm loving this song at the moment, think you will too after watching the video.

enjoy x


  1. ha wow, i went to school with Tasha in the old Bedfordshire massive. Glad to hear she's getting on well with her art, she was brilliant at it at school so not surprised at all :D

  2. ssome really cool stuff there, especially the large middle piece, its weird i cant quite work out what it is aha!
    good to see your ink is progessing so much!