Thursday, 21 July 2011

killed by death

Time for another update....

.......i finished this piece a couple months ago but finally got some healed pictures of it.

Had lots of fun with this script piece on Tash too. She was a star and sat so f'ing well :)

Coral's flower half sleeve was great fun to work on too and i hope i get to tattoo her again. The big ass rose on the back of her arm is my favourite part of this piece.....

I need to wait and get a healed photo of this piece i did on Em yesterday, but it was so much fun i wanted to post it online. Loads and Loads of fun!!!!! 

I have done a lot of anatomical style hearts but doing this one in shades of brown was one of the most fun and i definatly want to do things in this way. Was a tough spot getting tattooed on the ribs but she sat really well with no complaints..... the hummingbird was also on ribs and again done with no complaints. These girls were tough!!!!

Here are a few pieces in progress....

So i had a week off too!! And it was lovely to visit friends and family, and relax. Sonisphere was the best time and Motorhead were my highlight of the weekend. It took me a while to get over the partying but it was worth every bit. Can't wait for BloodStock now.

I have had my back piece started by Matt Difa and is looking sick already. 11 hours done and shit load more to go. I'll post some pics when there is a little more done.

I also did the Race for Life last weekend. Unfortunatly my friend Ami was really ill. She shouldn't have been taking part really, so i helped her walk around. Thanks to everyone that sponserd me, your money is going to a really great cause, and i really appreciate you supporting me.

Here are some pics from the week.....

And finally, my favourite and the best thing i own.....

Thank u Roy. I Love it!!!


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