Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hammer Smashed Face

So my attemps at updating this more regular have failed. But heres a quick update of work iv been doing over the past month....

(...i need to learn to take better pictures....)

iv been posting ongoing pics of this sleeve for a while and was super nice to finally get it finished for Mel. was a lot of fun....

i have done these on off caps which are available in the shop or via facebook....

Me and the boys in the shop are also working on a flash book so keep checking back on details of that.

Also going to be having a private gallery show in the summer. More details coming soon!!

I also have a feature in the newest Tattoo Master magazine which im so stoked about. really happy that my dad and niles have photos in there too :)

And here is the poster for the Northern Ireland Tattoo Conventoin. Pretty crazy that it has my mug on the front!!

...its the only convention im working this year, and as usual i will have lots of prints, y sketch books and tshirts for sell. Hope you see you there.

Saw these guys play last night. They were badass. Im going to name my first born Corpsegrinder.  Going to leave you with one favs.... x

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