Monday, 13 August 2012

The Skeleton Society Gallery Show

So my first art exhibition is over. It was a fantastic opening night and a busy week. Thank you so much to everyone that made the effort to come down and show their support, and I hope everyone enjoyed my work and will come to future shows.

I had no idea what to expect but i got some great feedback and i have learnt a lot about how to advertise and show my work, outside of the tattoo world. Its definatly given me the push to do it again.

A massive thank you to Scott Cole, who came down and took some great shots of the opening night, especially as i was so nervous i didn't take a single one!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what he did......

i love this picture!! looks like i'm having a go at my dad!!!! :)

And obviously here are some pictures of my work i had on show.

Tthe two black and grey sheets in the picture above, and the four colour sheets below are both available for sale as flash sheet sets. please email me if you are interested in buying either of them.....

I still have a few of these prints left, so please email me if you are interested, or if you are local, i have them in the studio.

I have a lot more photos of my work to upload, so i'll be doing that at some point this week for you guys. And i'll be putting up pictures of the prints of paintings i still have for sale.

Again thank you to everyone who came to the i can' wait to get back to work!!!

i couldn't find a video for Skeleton society by slayer... but this is kinda cool if you don't know the words....


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  1. Toni you're perfect !
    I love what you do :)
    see u xx