Sunday, 23 September 2012

At Dawn They Sleep.

So if you haven't already seen, i have an article in this months Skin Deep Magazine. The article isn't exactly what i was told it would be, and doesn't really focus on my exhibition but its still kool, so go check it out.

I still have some piece for sale, so please email me at if there is anything you are interested in. There are pictures on my facebook page.

A few weeks back i did a bambi tattoo and it was sooooo much fun. I'm totally in love with Disney and always have been, so i decided to do a 'Disney Day' at work. Here's what happend......

..... definatly think im going to do it again, so keep an eye out on my facebook page for updates.

Here are some of my other favourite pieces i have done recently......

And some really exciting pieces i have been working on......

I'm off to the London Tattoo Convention this weekend, so keep an eye out for me getting tattooed by the very talented Tim Kern. can't wait!!!!!!!

The very talented BloodyMaryMetal will also have a stall at the convention selling her AMAZING jewllery. check out her website if you haven't already...

And her are a few things i have been working on. been a little slack on the new artwork after the exhibition. Think im going to start a new Lettering Sketch book, so keep checking back if you are interested.


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